SWAT Water

What is SWAT Water?

Croptimistic Technology is excited to introduce our partners, growers, and agronomy consultants to the next step in leading-edge variable rate technology: precision soil moisture management. This technology was developed as a result of demand from our clients to better understand soil moisture variability relative to soil, water and topography maps (SWAT MAPS). The all-new SWAT Water platform will enable the agriculture industry to manage soil moisture variability spatially (by field zone), vertically (through the soil profile), and temporally (over time). Additionally, SWAT Water integrates field surface hydrology, including drainage paths, depressions and flow accumulation pathways plus subsurface hydrology. The result is a soil moisture management tool that provides a complete indicative measurement of soil moisture conditions throughout the crop rooting zone. This new tool promises to provide critical information throughout the growing season for decisions related to crop management such as nitrogen top-dressing, fungicide

applications or variable rate irrigation.

Interested in SWAT Water Maps?

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