SWAT RECORDS is the software that runs the entire SWAT ecosystem. SWAT RECORDS mobile application is free of charge to all farmers and is available on the App Store and Google Play Store. The desktop software includes paid functions for service providers, including our best in class variable rate prescription writing.

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Smart Farm Management Software

Remote Synchronization

SWAT RECORDS synchronizes all data between users and software platforms. The synchronization function works without a cellular or wi-fi signal; changes are saved in the app and are synchronized when the device re-establishes a cellular or wi-fi connection.

Record Farm Data

SWAT RECORDS is an excellent platform for crop record keeping, scouting, making recommendations and jobs, and synchronizing all this information between multiple agronomy and farm staff.

Create Reports

SWAT RECORDS imports soil test results right into the farm and field, which allows for easy export to make prescription files, various types of reports, and fertility plans. The reports can be customized with the service provider’s brand and contact information.


SWAT-Related Files and Functionality 

“SWAT RECORDS” hosts all information related to the variable-rate fertilizer and seed program; SWAT MAPS and layers for each field, soil test results, plant stand reports, soil survey data, and more. The maps are accessible in the app and are georeferenced for ease of use when ground-truthing, soil sampling, etc.

Detailed Field Operations

“Field Operations” enables users to input seeding, fertilizing, spraying, harvest, or field work jobs and track the history of all field operations by year. Field scouting data for weeds, insects, diseases, soil and tissue test results can also be found here. Agronomists can add notes and images to scouting observations.

Farm Record-Keeping 

“Farm Records” houses pertinent farm-related information such as field names, acreages, and locations, crops and varieties, and farm equipment details. SWAT RECORDS makes record-keeping simple as all farm-related logistics are housed in the app and accessible to all farm staff and agronomists at any time.

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What Users Say

“The SWAT RECORDS app has made decision making so much easier with all my field records and history in an easily accessible app right on my phone. Better decision making can only be made by having relevant information and this app puts everything you need right at your fingertips.”

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Wade Fleck

Railway Enterprises

“SWAT RECORDS is a very user-friendly tool for crop planning, field scouting, record keeping, and report preparation. With the free SWAT RECORDS app, it makes it even easier to share information between us and our clients.”

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Larry Durand

FieldGood Agronomics

“SWAT RECORDS is the perfect complement to my agronomy business. 80% of my growers have already commented how easy the phone app is to use. The desktop version is essential to my needs for reports and easy information entry. I would recommend SWAT RECORDS to agronomists and growers as their record keeping tool.”

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Greg Adelman

Crop Command Agronomy

Software Integrations

SWAT RECORDS integrates with the following partners and software, with more being added regularly. Simply get connected and begin sharing between platforms today!

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Software Modules

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SWAT MAPS Variable-Rate Module

The variable-rate module is an additional, paid function for the SWAT RECORDS desktop software. When unlocked, this module enables partners to build SWAT MAPS, create reports and variable-rate prescriptions, import soil and tissue tests, and access CANSIS polygons, which can then be synchronized to clients’ apps.

Crop Scouting Module

The crop scouting module is designed for managing crop consulting; users can create jobs for spraying, seeding, fertilizing, etc. and synchronize to the clients’ app. Populated pick lists of pesticides, weeds, insects, and crops are included for ease of use; virtually no typing is required. Fields without scouting and consulting


SWAT WATER Maps use SWAT MAPS as the base layer of soil information, and with added texture information and a soil moisture sensor, provide a spatial soil water map.  SWAT WATER uses a complex, proprietary model to calculate volumetric water content, plant available water, and days to stress point at different parts of the landscape.

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