As a SWAT MAPS user, grain buyers are now rewarding you for your commitment to environmental stewardship. 

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SWAT CERTIFIED  farmers  implement the following environmentally-conscious farming practices. Please click here to view a list of the full qualifications.


Use SWAT MAPS annually on their entire farm operation


Use variable-rate to apply crop production inputs by soil potential 


Work with a SWAT CERTIFIED  staff member of an ag consultancy


Use SWAT RECORDS to store their data


Soil sample annually by SWAT zone


Manage crop inputs by SWAT zone to reduce environmental impact

Get Rewarded When Marketing Your Crops

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As a full farm SWAT MAPS user, you have proven your commitment to environmental stewardship. Now you will be rewarded! Connect your accounts today and show buyers you are SWAT CERTIFIED when marketing your crops. 

The Role of SWAT MAPS in Environmental Stewardship

SWAT MAPS is a valuable tool for environmental stewardship by providing a better understanding of water, soils, and their variability across a landscape. 

Read the white paper by Wes Anderson, VP of Agronomy to learn more how you can be part of the solution.

SWAT CERTIFIED Service Providers

SWAT MAPS partners are now eligible to become SWAT CERTIFIED in order to enable clients to connect their SWAT RECORDS account to Combyne.