The SWAT BOX is an autonomous soil electrical conductivity and elevation mapping system developed by Croptimistic Technology. The SWAT BOX system enables any agronomist or service provider to provide the patented SWAT Maps variable-rate mapping service to their clients.

Autonomous Soil Mapping

Ready Out-of-the-Box Solution

After approximately one hour of installation time, service providers can begin mapping and live streaming data to SWAT RECORDS servers. Simply mount SWAT BOX to the mapping vehicle, supply the system with 12 volts, and drive the fields.

Mounts to Farm Implements

SWAT BOX has been designed to be adaptable to a wide variety of vehicles including trucks, ATV/UTVs, and almost any farm implement including seeders, sprayers, floaters, combines, rollers, harrows, etc.

Automatic Data Upload to SWAT Records

As the SWAT BOX covers the field, data is automatically uploaded to the SWAT RECORDS server where the SWAT MAPS team can log in remotely to access the data, troubleshoot data collection issues, or verify quality of the data. No additional computer or software is required to operate the system.




Optimize your inputs and manage your field variability


Even crop staging and maturity, improved standability, and higher quality


Boost ROI by allocating nutrients where they are needed


Generate short- and long-term improvements to farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability

Service Providers


Become the local expert in precision agriculture


Increase your acre retention rate


Boost your efficiencies, professionalism, and profitability


Help local growers implement variable-rate fertilizer and seed applications