The World's First Autonomous Soil Electrical Conductivity Mapping Unit

SWAT BOX is a ready-out-of-the-box mapping solution which collects data on soil properties such as electrical conductivity and elevation, which are vital layers for the development of SWAT MAPS. SWAT BOX system is suspended above the soil and can be mounted to various vehicles including trucks, ATVs, and agricultural implements. Simply mount SWAT BOX to the mapping vehicle, supply the system with 12 volts, and drive the fields. This system enables any agronomist or service provider to offer the patented SWAT MAPS variable rate mapping service to their customers.

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SWAT BOX Features

- SWAT BOX equipped with an EM38 or Top Soil Mapper to measure soil electrical conductivity, a vital layer for the development of SWAT MAPS
- Able to be mounted on most agricultural implements
- Fields are mapped and data transmitted wirelessly to the CropRecords server
- Consultants can watch incoming data on their phone as field is being mapped
- Requires 12V of power from implement
- Available for purchase internationally by consultants, ag retailers, equipment dealers, and producers
- Patent pending 
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We want to offer you the opportunity and support to start or grow your precision ag business. This is a low-risk offer; you can take on as much as the process as you are able to do and grow until managing it all yourself. Learn more about becoming a partner below.



Interested in having SWAT MAPS made for your farm? Find a SWAT MAPS consultant near you to partner with, or purchase a SWAT BOX and do it yourself. 

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