Software Requirements for Consultants

CropRecords Desktop Software

- Unlimited drive installations on Windows OS devices 

-  Designed for managing farm crop production

-  Internet SYNC function allows multiple users and computers to all connect to the web server for secure data backup and sharing, software updates and synchronization

-  Recommendations, updates, plans are all captured on professional reports with your logo and name

- Integration with the ADMS mapping software and our file sync create a powerful variable rate module which requires purchase to unlock

Licensing for SWAT MAPS will not be granted to users attempting to use it primarily in other platforms. There are 4 main reasons why these platforms must be used:


1. Ag Data Policy. CropRecords file sync and database sync system transfers the SWAT MAPS files and data to the farm client that purchased them. This ensures that the farmer owns and control their “raw” data. Our system ensures they get the files and are not controlled by the software platform or consultant. ADMS works seamlessly with this open file structure as well, no other GIS system does. CropRecords and ADMS provide clients with full GIS file control.

2. SWAT MAPS is a patented process and there is no other system or process for building these maps. 

Other systems do many wonderful things but they have zero insight on the zone layers and attributes for soil potential maps. The SWAT Module for developing zones, the apps for zone based records, the soil sampling module, etc. is all specifically designed for our process. The software we have chosen is the only system designed for SWAT MAPS service and support.

3. Executing all of these steps from start to finish is a very complex process. Even our own staff who have worked with the systems for years are challenged with the nuances of variable-rate controllers, configurations, new software updates, file types, etc. This service is highly technical and we are challenged to support one system – the two pieces of software we use. We cannot and will not be providing support for 100 different GIS and record keeping systems.

4. SWAT MAPS is not a “one and done” type service. The SWAT MAPS process and service is continually evolving and we are finding many new partnerships with products and software. SWAT is a long term plan for farmers and agronomists to add value, and we are also in it for the long term looking for business partners that feel the same way. We make a great map and then add great value to it in many ways.

 CropRecords and ADMS are required software for SWAT MAPS 

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