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Are you looking to supply your farm clients with leading edge variable rate fertilizer and seed services? The SWAT MAPS Partner Program leverages your elite agronomy services and our technology to build your business and launch you as a variable-rate fertility and planting expert in your area.

Business Model

We Empower Independent Service Providers

Our system allows you to add the SWAT MAPS brand to a new or existing business and begin offering our services coupled with your own.

Our Software is Free to Farm Clients

SWAT RECORDS is a fantastic system for connecting and synching information to clients and staff. All reports are customized with your branding and contact information.

The Business Model is Fluid

Service providers can get started with few resources as roles can be broken up and shared with other partners until you are able to capture the full value yourself.

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What Our Partners Say

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Tyler Kessler

Kessler AgVentures

“My confidence in how the zone maps are made as well as the agronomy behind mapping, zoning, prescribing, and technical support are second to none in the VR industry. SWAT MAPS are my first and only choice for mapping fields and creating VR prescriptions for the clients I work with.”

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Jason Schley

Next Level Ag

“All good decisions come from data, without a good base layer map being the foundation for good decisions on any operation there are to many decisions made from testimonials not data driven off of the farm.  SWAT is the answer to getting an operation more in tune with making proper input decisions. We need this layer of decision making for yesterday, today and tomorrow!”

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Jonathan Zettler

Fieldwalker Agronomy

“Precision ag isn’t just a once and done. It’s a constantly evolving process. That’s part of what attracted me to SWAT MAPS. It’s a systematic process to building seed or fertilizer response zones. It’s repeatable; you go and do it once and then you’ve got management zones to work with. The map is just the starting point. We use it to identify opportunities where we will get a response.”

Our Process


Phase 1: Mapping and Zoning

The SWAT MAPS process begins with soil mapping using our SWAT BOX hardware and SWAT RECORDS software. Our map developers then create the layers and zones and produce multiple maps, which an agronomist ground-truths in order to select the map that best represents the field.

Phase 2: Soil Sampling and Fertility Plans

This phase begins with soil sampling using our zone sampling technique. The soil tests are then analysed at a lab, and VR reports, fertility plans, and advice is tailored based on the test results to improve the fertility of the field.

Phase 3: Prescriptions and Agronomy

Prescriptions are then created for farm operations. The grower can choose to use our SWAT WATER maps, to further inform in-season decision making. Variable-rate assessments are conducted by the agronomist after seeding and prior to harvest to evaluate the efficacy of the prescription.

Partner With Us


Join the community of leading precision agriculture experts around the world offering SWAT MAPS variable-rate farm management services today.

  • Gain access to the leading soil-based zone management system

  • Provide local farmers with high-resolution variable-rate fertilizer and seed applications

  • Increase your acre retention rate

  • Become the local expert in precision agriculture

  • Offer the most desirable variable-rate solution on the market