Desktop Software

The CropRecords software is the development platform for the entire SWAT MAPS brand. The backend system synchronizes all the files between users and software platforms.

This software is designed as a crop consulting system. It is an excellent platform for crop record keeping, scouting, making recommendations and jobs, and synchronizing all of this information between multiple agronomy staff and farm staff. The software is free to farm clients (except the SWAT MAPS module and functions which is strictly a consulting function). CropRecords and ADMS are required software for SWAT MAPS.

 Desktop Features 

- Hard drive installation on Windows OS devices

- Designed for managing farm crop production

- Buttons, menus and screen resolution that works with popular tablet and touch screen PC’s

- Internet SYNC function allows multiple users and computers to all connect to the web server for secure data backup and sharing, software updates and synchronization

- Create reports, manage seed/fertilizer/spray job logistics, create recommendations, import soil and tissue tests, and manage your variable rate fertilizer and seed prescriptions

- File sync with ADMS

Scouting Module

- Populated pick lists of pesticides, weeds, insects and crops typical of Western Canada 

- Fields without scouting and consulting recommendations are free 

- Create jobs for spraying, seeding, fertilizer, and sync to clients app 

Variable-Rate Module

- Includes file sync between devices and apps

- csv export for smooth RX writing

- Mandatory module for building SWAT MAPS

- Create reports and VR prescriptions

- Import soil and tissue tests

- CANSIS polygons


 Greg Adelman 

Owner, Crop Command Agronomy

CropRecords is the perfect compliment to my agronomy business.  80% of my growers have already commented how easy the phone app is to use.  The Desktop version is essential to my needs for reports and easy information entry.  I would recommend CropRecords to agronomists and growers as their record keeping tool. 

 Larry Durand 

Owner, FieldGood Agronomics

CropRecords is a very user friendly tool for crop planning, field scouting, record keeping and report preparation. Now with the free CropRecords app it makes it even easier to share information between us and our clients.

 Cory Willness 

Owner, CropPro Consulting

CropRecords streamlines the logistics of our companies consulting staff synching to our farm clients staff. Field scouting, pesticide recommendations, and dates of field operations are synchronized daily to insure everything is communicated. The Power Desktop Software synchronizes our MAPS variable-rate files, soil tests, and prescriptions. Our company runs extremely efficient and is very well organized thanks to CropRecords.

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