Ag Data Policy

The CropRecords platform is designed to collect ag data generated on farms, which includes information about the land, agronomic activities, farm management, machinery, and weather and climate. These data types are collectively considered “Ag Data,” which can be produced by CropRecords or collected from the farmer, the farm agronomist or other trusted advisor, custom operators, or through connections with other data sources (APIs). 


The contention that “the farmer owns the data” holds true when the farmer owns the land and farms it. In the event that land is farmed by someone other than the owner (e.g., through a rental contract), the party that pays for the data to be produced owns the data. CropRecords cannot verify the ownership of Ag Data when it is uploaded, therefore Croptimistic assumes that any data transferred, shared, or uploaded to CropRecords by a party other than the owner(s) is done so with permission from the owner(s).  When data ownership is shared between multiple parties, ownership must be defined by the parties in a contract between themselves. 


Sharing with Croptimistic. CropRecords has the ability to anonymize and aggregate Ag Data of users. Data on CropRecords is only aggregated with consent from the owner(s). Aggregated data may be revoked at any time. Data is anonymized by removing personal information such as name, address, and contact information. Users have no ownership rights to aggregated data. Users have the ability to view certain aggregated data if they have consented to sharing their data. To ensure anonymity, users’ personal information and geospatial data is not shared in the aggregate data viewer and the smallest geographic area a user can view is a 50km radius from their location. 

Sharing with Others. CropRecords is designed to allow integration of Ag Data sharing with trusted advisors and technology providers with users’ consent. Users may revoke sharing of their Ag Data with others at any time. 


Ag Data is stored on servers within Canada rented by Croptimistic from reliable sources. The privacy and security of Ag Data is protected by Croptimistic through appropriate measures. In the event of a data breach, natural disaster, or other unforeseen circumstance that results in Ag Data being deleted or compromised, Croptimistic will notify users through necessary methods as required by law. Users may delete their Ag Data at any time, however, data that has been shared with Croptimistic for use in the aggregate dataset will not be deleted. Ag Data may be deleted by users after termination or non-renewal of their CropRecords account according to CropRecords’ End User License Agreement (EULA)/Terms of Service. In the event a CropRecords account is terminated, Ag Data from that account will be stored for 30 days, during which the user may request to have their Ag Data returned to them. Croptimistic has no obligation to retain Ag Data for 30 days post-termination.




Croptimistic has the right to:

  • Query data for billing purposes

  • View the data to provide technical support

  • Create multiple copies of the data and store it indefinitely

  • Store the data in third party cloud systems or servers

  • Delete data when required

  • Deny the redistribution of data licensed by third parties 

  • Use aggregated anonymous data for marketing purposes

  • Scan for and delete illegal material

  • Remove access to all data with a notice period in which the user has the right to redownload the data

  • Impose usage and storage limits

  • Change the EULA at any time with appropriate warning

  • Send emails to users 

  • Transfer data from devices to CropRecords servers and then transfer data to additional devices and users

  • Send/receive and store data provided through APIs 

Farmers have the right to:

  • Own the raw data produced by their operation

  • Download their data from the CropRecords system and are provided a window to do so in the event of EULA or pricing changes

  • Retain their data on CropRecords for historical purposes

  • Refuse the separation/distribution of data produced by multiple parties in their operation, given that the parties do not own the data 


Croptimistic is not liable for any damages that result from the disclosure of Ag Data to any party. Croptimistic is not responsible for a loss or unauthorized disclosure of ag data due to (i) an Act of God, (ii) catastrophic event, or (iii) data breach not caused by Croptimistic’s breach of the data agreement. Croptimistic makes no warranties that use of CropRecords will increase yield, productivity, efficiency, or profitability on users’ farms. Croptimistic cannot guarantee the accuracy of aggregated data and cautions decision making based on this data. Croptimistic’s liability is further limited to the End User License Agreement/Terms of Service. 

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