Croptimistic Technology Inc.

Croptimistic Technology Inc. is a Canadian software company which operates CropRecords, a data management platform that allows farmers and consultants to sync their businesses. It is also the development platform for the SWAT MAPS zoning module and SWAT BOX autonomous soil-sensing unit.

The CropRecords app has the following features:

  • Field Operations Management: seeding, fertilizing, spraying, harvest, field work

  • Field Operations Data Transfer: field scouting for weeds, insects, diseases, soil test data, tissue test data

  • History: of all the above field operations by year

  • Farm Management: fields, crops, crop and variety acreage totals

  • Farm Notes

  • Ease of Use for Consultants: manage multiple farms on the app

  • Works without internet connection

  • Sync feature uploads data when you get internet or wifi connection

  • Watch a live data map from SWAT BOX through remote connection with the unit as mapping is in progress

This app is available for FREE DOWNLOAD from the App Store (for iOS devices) and from the Google Play Store (for Android devices). The Desktop Software can be purchased and downloaded from