Croptimistic Technology Inc.

Croptimistic is an international agtech (agriculture technology) company; we began operating in 2018. Croptimistic is supported by a growing team of professionals who have dedicated their careers to developing the best soil type mapping software and hardware in the world. 

SWAT Maps Truck

Work With Us

We're looking for passionate, independent and responsible individuals who thrive with little supervision to join our growing team. With staff working remotely over 3 countries, our ideal candidates must be comfortable with a home-based working arrangement. Apply to be a part of our award-winning team today!

Sales Agronomist

United States

Senior Software Developer

Kelowna, BC, Canada

DevOps System Developer

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Junior C# Software Developer

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Software Developer

Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Precision Agronomy Technician

Saskatchewan, Canada


Our Staff


Cory Willness, Chief Executive Officer

Derek Massey, Chief Technology Officer

Wes Anderson, VP of Agronomy

Jack Seitz, VP of Sales

Derek Rude, VP of R & D

R&D & Hardware

Stu Hassall, Systems Engineering Manager

Mark Marianchuk, R&D Project Leader

Jason Bendel, Electronic Systems Designer

Leonard McGillivray, SWAT BOX Production Lead 

Tyson Walker, SWAT BOX Tech Support


Evan MacDonald, Senior Precision Agronomist

Amber Knaggs, Senior Precision Agronomist

Rachelle Farrell, Senior Precision Agronomist

Maury Micklich, Precision Agronomist

Danielle Epp, Weather Station & Yield Manager

Lara de Moissac, Precision Agronomist

Matthew Hoffart, Precision Agronomy Technician

Sam Ross, Precision Agronomist


Johnny Hermann, Agile Software Development Manager

Richard Borsheim, Senior Software Developer


Colin Bracey, Senior Backend Developer

Clayton Myers, Software Developer

Derek Poitras, Software Developer

Jason Carter, Software Developer


Brad Dunnington, SWAT MAPS Manager

Tracy Welsh, SWAT MAPS Developer 


Trevor Friesen, SWAT Support Lead

Jonathan Freeman, SWAT WATER Specialist


Shelly Samson, Office Manager

Shannon Willness, Supervisor

Gwen Hacking, Office Assistant

Marketing Team

Nicole Kadziolka, Marketing Manager

Coral Blaikie, Web Designer 


Core Values



Our business has been built on trust, accountability, and transparency. Our commitment to integrity is a defining feature of our staff and business and we strive to do what is best for our partners and clients.

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We aim to consistently create and deliver valuable products, services, and support in order to create long-term, high-performing partnerships.

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We strive to develop innovative and resourceful agtech solutions to increase productivity for users, sustain our competitive advantage, and provide new opportunities for market differentiation.

Partner With Us

Agronomist with Tablet

Join the community of leading precision agriculture experts around the world offering SWAT MAPS variable-rate farm management services today.

  • Gain access to the leading soil-based zone management system

  • Provide local farmers with high-resolution variable-rate fertilizer and seed applications

  • Increase your acre retention rate

  • Become the local expert in precision agriculture

  • Offer the most desirable variable-rate solution on the market