Our Products

Our patented and proprietary SWAT technology products integrate layers of field data into a single soil foundation map for variable-rate fertilizer and seed applications. Our suite of products are generating incredible value for service providers and their farm clients around the world.


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Future Products


SWAT Maps are management zone maps created using multiple layers of field data including soil, water, and topography; collected using the SWAT Box, powered by SWAT Records. 


SWAT Box is the hardware used to collect soil electrical conductivity data to create SWAT Maps, powered by SWAT Records. 

SWAT Records

SWAT Records is the software that runs the entire SWAT ecosystem. All files shared between growers and partners is synchronized in the platform.


Optimize your inputs and manage your field variability

Even crop staging and maturity, improved standability, and higher quality

Boost ROI by allocating nutrients where they are needed

Generate short- and long-term improvements to farm productivity, profitability, and sustainability

Service Providers

Become the local expert in precision agriculture

Increase your acre retention rate

Boost your efficiencies, professionalism, and profitability

Help local growers implement variable-rate fertilizer and seed applications

SWAT Water

SWAT Water Maps are used to manage soil moisture and inform in-season decision-making for applications such as variable-rate topdressing, fungicide, or irrigation. Powered by SWAT Records.