Become a SWAT MAPS Partner

We are looking for precision ag companies to partner with in order to offer the most valuable variable-rate fertilizer and seed service to farm clients all over the world. When farmers see the value of variable-rate services, they first look to their existing agronomist, ag retailer, or equipment dealer for support in implementing a variable-rate system on their farm. On the flip side, when you as an agronomist, ag retailer, or equipment dealer have a service that provides added value to what you are already providing your clients with, it will only strengthen your relationship. Local agronomy experience and knowledge with established customer trust and loyalty are valuable assets that are difficult to put in place for stand-alone variable-rate services.


Approximately 50% of the SWAT MAPS service offering is technology based and we have a host of great resources in place to support that side of the business. The other 50% is the agronomy, boots on the ground component that local partnerships can flourish with. 


The SWAT MAPS business model is fluid. You can get started with nothing as roles can be broken up and jobs allocated to those who are able to perform them. As you develop capabilities and capital, you can take on more of the process until you are able to perform all activities and are capturing all the value yourself. 


SWAT MAPS price lists for service providers are itemized so partners can easily see the different components and costs of the service (see below). Each partner is unique; some may have established agronomy business models while others may only be selling precision ag equipment and hardware. The itemized service model allows partners to identify what they do well and what they need our service and support system for. For example, if a new partner does not want to purchase a SWAT BOX right away, we will match that partner with a nearby consultant who is able to perform that part of the process. Thus, new consultants can contract out parts of the process to other SWAT MAPS partners if necessary. See the information near the bottom of this page for a description of the types of partners and expectations for each. 

One of the strengths of our business model is that partners get to remain independent. The SWAT MAPS and CropRecords brands are simply added to your existing brands and business. 


The Partner Program structure allows businesses to grow via the margin opportunity presented. The business model is harnessed by “doing,” and you as a partner will succeed under this model if you do the work that helps the process succeed. As your business grows, you will receive a discount on certain services, software, and products in recognition of your commitment to the service and diligence in carrying out the SWAT MAPS process. 


We have over 70 partners worldwide who recognize the value of SWAT MAPS for their clients and are embracing the business model to grow and expand their precision ag service offering. We invite anyone with whom the above information resonates with to inquire about becoming a SWAT MAPS partner. We feel very fortunate to work with so many precision ag companies who see the value in SWAT MAPS and look forward to partnering with many more. 

 Types of Partners 



- Entry level partners

- Typically doing only parts of the service model

- Do not have to own any equipment

- Minimum 1000 acres per year new mapped acres

- ADMS General module unlock

- CropRecords VR module unlock

- SWAT brand package purchased

- No discounts on services, software or products



- Established business model

- Must own mapping and sampling equipment

- Minimum 1000 acres per year new mapped acres

- ADMS General + VR Create module unlock

- CropRecords VR module unlock

- SWAT brand package purchased

- SWAT brand displayed on vehicles and office

- 5% discounts on selected services and software when new mapped acres exceed 10,000 annually


Master Dealer

Must meet all dealer requirements PLUS: 

- Minimum of one power user of ADMS consultant package

- Ability to train and support all consultants and dealers in their network

- Must own mapping and sampling equipment

- Minimum 1000 acres per year new mapped acres

- 10% discounts on SWAT BOX (not EM38 component), select services and software when new mapped acres in the network exceed 50,000 annually

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a SWAT MAPS Partner.
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